We are a small but complete media and marketing agency. Most of your communication will be with myself, Christopher Lara but we are a powerful team of specialists.

I have helped friends, family and clients with technology since I was just 14.

I suffered through dial-up, was an early 4G Wireless adopter and vowed to do something with computers in the future.

From 17-21 you would find me at someone’s home after school or on the weekends, late at night backing up their precious data before repairing their computers, doing whatever it took.

The last 9 years have solely been spent learning and selling, investing into two different brands and all the client’s we serve and support.

I  believe our success comes from truly understanding the importance of service in business, while also having the first hand knowledge and expertise to help revive or  give birth to new brands with ease.

-Christopher Lara (Founder/Designer)

Since our inception in 2012 under the original holding name Lara Master Creations LLC, we have been solely focused on helping sell products and services online for small businesses across Southern California.